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“They'll say that's impossible,

until you make it”

Get in Shape Now!

Crossfit la muralla has always helped to make a positive turn in the lives of all its members since its opening in 2013. We believe that physical training is not a pastime but a way of life. Our box is a second home for all our customers. Whether you exercise every day or never set a foot on a box before, Crossfit La Muralla Coín will help you give shape to the person you can become. We wish to be your allies in your training. Call us today!


Visit us

Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 2:00pm  
and 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 12:00
Sanday: Closed

Our Classes

Yoga Class


Participate in a yoga lesson and exercise your mind and body. Yoga techniques help you to develop your body strength, this will, in turn help you to face other more demanding challenges or  be ready to get adapted to new exercises at multiple levels of complexity and didfficulty. Have a treat today! You deserve it!

Personalized Training for Competitors

Do you want to compete? We offer you a program that will increase the intensity day to day.  This is for those who wish something more than just being fit. If you want to compete in Crossfit, this is your place, our team of competitors in La Muralla are always at the Top 10 in all the regional competitions.

Come and Join us!



The WOD of every day is programmed and supervised by the coach Cristian Martin, very well-known coach and Crossfit Regional Games judge. After dedicated his whole life to practice all kinds of sports, he has been a full CF coach since 2012, Cristian programmes each training so that each session becomes a complement of the previous one, in this way each athlete can evolve to its maximum potential.

Monitors are totally dedicated to you, 100% of the class will be watching you execute the movements with the appropriate technique and the corresponding weight, what matters most is your health and well-being.


Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Stability and equilibrium, all in one? if you are looking for a sport that will make you get all these and more, enrol in CrossFit, a functional training based on exercises that change every day and that are performed at high intensity. Do you dare to try it?

Far from the monotony and rut of a traditional gym, Crossfit proposes and optimal and didactic way of training to help you waste the máximum of energy and work out all your body since the class atmosphere motivates each participant to meet their goals.


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